Pam in Slippery Rock PA

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Hi, We actually had a fence placed in our backyard for this little dog that was to be about 13-16 pounds. I also have a boxer. I need to get used to the little dog thing. It appears that she won't be quite that big and she can get through the fence. What a shock that was witnessing. Anyway, I frantically went on the computer seeing if there was anything that could solve our problem. Your harness is awesome!! I did see the collar thing, can't remember what it was called, but it appeared too bulky. Lily lets me place this on her and away she goes. It was actually funny watching her try to get through the fence with the harness on, she was surprised. But she is so good about me placing the harness on. She seems very comfortable.

I am actually from Slippery Rock. I graduated from the Rock and am currently teaching. You are right, it is a small world! I told every one at school about it. I have also shared the harness and are really impressed.

Thanks again!

Slippery Rock, PA

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