Cher and Daffy

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Cher and Daffy

Our mini-dachshunds, Cher and Daphne (Daffy), have escaped from our wrought iron fence for the last five years. The first few years we had them, we had to saddle them with big collars with attachments, then we went to big industrial sized (and hot) life jackets to keep them from crawling through. Not even those always worked, as Daffy is the Houdini of fence-dashing and seemed to be able to escape even the tightest contraption we put on her.

This year, after five years of chasing them down the road as they barked at bypassing neighbors (and after one escape that lasted overnight and I about had a heart attack not knowing where my pup was), we decided to put in an electric fence. It really bothered us to think about shocking our pups, but the potential of them escaping and getting hit by a car was a far worse thought. So, we shelled out the hundreds of dollars for the system and the heavy shock collars. Much to our surprise, Daffy didn't seem to care how hard the electric fence shocked her. She would back up, count to three and jump as fast as she could through the fence. I swear she was using the shock as propulsion to run faster once she got out! And away she ran.....

When we saw your product online, the first thing we said was "WHY DIDNT WE THINK OF THIS!!?" We ordered the harnesses and crossed our fingers. After trying many things, we weren't sure these would work either.

I'm thrilled to say that our doggies are safe and sound today, sitting by the fence watching the neighbor edge his lawn. No escaping, no ankle biting, no running off to the next county!!! The looks in their eyes is PRICELESS as they try to maneuver through and cannot.

Thank you so much, Dog-Gamutt, for this awesome product. I will never let my dogs outside without them on!

Stacy and Guy
Cher and Daphne (Daffy)
Edmond, OK

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