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As an avid reader of product reviews, I’m embarrassed to admit that I never took time to write one myself. Knowing just how much these reviews/testimonials helped in solving a big pet problem of mine, however, inspired me to tell others about this wonderful unique harness.

After retiring in 2010 to a community outside Las Vegas, my husband and I had a rod iron fence installed around our property. While perfect for our bigger dog, Buster, the fence proved to be no match for the teacup size Yorkie we adopted last spring. Bella consistently managed to squeeze between the bars and escape.

Countless pet stores offered similar advice. Unfortunately, we didn’t like the consequences posed by several options—the harshness and cost of an electric fence on such a tiny dog, or the confinement of a pen, zip line, or stake and chain. When chicken wire appeared to be the only safe alternative, my husband attached several rolls to the fence. Imagine our shock and despair in seeing Bella shimmy up the wire then shoot through the space between bars near the top of the fence.

Out of ideas and fearful of being alone in this situation, I went online with little hope of finding a solution. In Googling how to stop my dog from going through fence, the safebehindbars website came up. Scrolling through the website, I nearly fell out of my chair when there in the product reviews was a photo of a little dog standing high atop chicken wire wrapped around a metal fence just like mine!

Right away I ordered the harness in size small . . . and as the saying goes, the rest is history. When I say “the rest,” I’m talking about the chicken wire/mesh fence, Bella’s bad behavior, and my fear. In the three months since receiving the harness, Bella has not gotten out once. I love the collar because it’s lightweight, goes on and comes off easily, and isn’t at all confining. Best of all, it really works!

Nora D.
Henderson, Nevada

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