Annette from New York

Annette from New York

Dear Dog-Gamutt,

I love this harness! My little Miniature Pinscher, Sarah recently got out from our back yard by squirming through three fences in only a few minutes and was heading toward the highway by our house. Luckily I found her in time. She did this at my mom's house as well where she squeezed through holes made by rabbits in their yard and was in the roadway. She is my little furry daughter and I can't explain the panic I felt the moment I realized she was not in the yard each time. I scaled a fence and impaled myself on it in search of her, but I didn't care that the fence wire stabbed into my wrist--I just wanted to find Sarah. I can't explain that moment of sheer desperation and panic wondering where she was, having no clue if she was safe or if I would ever see her again. The next day I searched the internet for something that would completely eliminate Sarah's ability to squeeze through fences. But there were so few solutions. I didn't want to limit her freedom to run and play. She enjoys the outdoors more than any dog I have ever seen and I wanted her to have freedom. This harness is a wonderful invention and I'm so glad I found your site. In our condo complex we have back yards, but they only allow removable fences that the landscapers never put in place properly. It is very difficult to close the gaps and Sarah always gets through. I don't want to limit her outdoor time, so this is a perfect solution. Now when I let her out I know I don't have to worry. So glad someone is really thinking of the well-being and safety of dogs. I attached photos of Sarah in her harness.

New York

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