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Dear Lexie,

I’d like to pass along MY STORY about the Safe Behind Bars harness.

Franklin, my husband, and I recently purchased a new home and needed to fence in the backyard. We have two little dogs weighing less than 10 pounds and have always kept them in an enclosed area. Limited by neighborhood regulations to installing only ornamental fencing, we met with a company to discuss the types and styles of metal / metal-looking fences available.

When the installers came to our home to measure, one of them noticed our two Toy Fox Terriers and asked if we were familiar with this kind of fence. He said they have received a number of calls from pet owners seeking advice on how to keep their small dogs from getting through the openings between rails. This was something Franklin and I hadn’t even considered, since it was never an issue with the chain-link fence at our previous residence.

After expressing concern about this potential safety risk, the installer proposed spacing the vertical bars two inches apart instead of the standard four inches. This would certainly prevent the dogs from escaping; however, it would also effectively double the cost of the fence. Seemingly mindful of our financial position, the gentleman went on to suggest a product he had read about online and, in fact, was intent on purchasing for evaluation purposes, hopefully to then be in a position to recommend it to customers. That’s when he told us about the Safe Behind Bars harness.

It’s been six weeks since we purchased two harnesses through your website. No doubt I speak for many others in saying we couldn’t possibly be more delighted. “Venus” and “Mars” play, sleep and eat in their harness no differently than they do without it. And it’s incredibly comforting in knowing such active dogs absolutely cannot squeeze between the fence bars.

You’re adorable, Lexie, and we’re so impressed by your harness that we lent one to our neighbor to try on her Dalmatian puppy.


West Palm Beach, Florida

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