Penny and Scout

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My miniature dachshund Penny, age 2, wears the medium sized one and it works great. We think our adopted puppy Scout is a mix between a Jack Russell and a Chihuahua. She is 4 months old and maybe 7 pounds or so. At first I put the one with the 8 inch rod on her, thinking the smaller the rod the better if it works. My fence is a wooden picket fence with 4 inches between each slat (per my HOA requirements—sigh).

I put both dogs out in the yard and went on the outside of the fence and called them. They both kept trying to get to me through the fence but the harness kept them in… for awhile… after a lot of attempts, the puppy was able to get through with the 8 inch rod. It wasn’t easy and it certainly slowed her down a lot and she might not have tried so hard if I hadn’t been on the other side of the fence, but she did twist and turn until she got through.

So I put the 10 inch rod on her, and to my knowledge, she’s never been able to get out with that on. What has really surprised me is that the dogs can still get through their small dog door fairly easily with them on! That had been the one thing I was really worried about before ordering them. My dogs are sitting next to me now sleeping with them on too… so they must not be that uncomfortable. They had puppy bumpers before which are big padded things that went around their necks to keep them in the fence, but I’m sure that must have been more annoying to wear and hot in the summer.

I’ll certainly recommend the harness to my other friends with small dogs!

Great invention! Thanks again!


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