Wendy from Missouri

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I just wanted to say that these collars are the most BRILLIANT things that I have ever seen! For the first time in 6 months since I've lived at my new house, I don't have to chase my dogs around the neighborhood or have a leash on them just to take them in the backyard to use the bathroom. I LOVE these collars and will definitely be doing business with you in the future when these wear out.

It was so funny watching my dog (that chases the neighbors dog in their back yard) he saw them and thought he would run through the gate to chase him today and was very disappointed to learn that he couldn't go through. I laughed so hard watching him. It was the BEST thing ever!

Just wanted to say thanks again and thanks for sending those out so quick. I greatly appreciate it! Not sure if you sell on Ebay, but I bet you would make a lot of money on there selling those. I will definitely be sending business your way if I know of anybody else having the same problems. Have a great day!


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