Thane, Jennifer, Ben, & Biscuit Laymon

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Thane, Jennifer, Ben, & Biscuit Laymon

Well, it's been almost 2 full weeks and he hasn't been able to get out. Your harness has worked wonders and I know it'll continue to. However I did recently notice a hole that he had started to dig to go under the fence. He sure is determined to escape but I'm not too worried though. He gave up because of the hard clay a couple inches down. If he does find a softer area to dig, I still think your harness will prevent him from squeezing under.

Thanks again for your wonderful product. We have much more peace of mind knowing we can let Biscuit go outside on his own unsupervised without a lead. Our son Benjamin also thanks you for keeping his puppy safe from getting lost.

Take care and best of luck with Dog-Gamutt!

Thane, Jennifer, Ben, & Biscuit Laymon

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