Plain Harness - without bar


This plain harness is made of the same lightweight, durable 100% nylon as the Safe Behind Bars Adjustable Harness.  Great for taking your dog for a walk when there not safely protected in their fenced in yard or balcony.

Size Information:

Note: Make sure to measure your pet's neck. This is the most important measurement.

See measuring instructions below.

 Size Strap Width Neck Chest
Small 3/8 inches Fits 7-11 inch neck

Fits 10-16 inch chest

Medium 5/8 inches Fits 9-15 inch neck

Fits 12-20 inch chest

How to Measure Your Pet:

With the animal standing, use a cloth measuring tape to calculate the distance from the center of the back down to the underside of the belly (just behind the front legs) and up the opposite side to the center of the back.  Keep the tape flat and comfortably snug—but not tight—for accurate measurement.  

Measure your pet's neck where their collar would naturally rest.  Measure all the way around the neck.  This is the most important measurement.

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