Drake and Melvins

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Good morning Maureen. Yesterday I received the 2nd safe behind bars harness and the 2 extra dog harnesses. Thank you very much!

My guys were already out this morning “testing” out their new “angel wings” as I like to call them. I have two Cairn Terriers – Drake and Melvin, 14 and almost 5 years old, respectively. Until I moved this past July to my new residence, I had a 6 foot stockade fence that kept them safe and sound. Now I live in the country and have the typical black aluminum pool fence with the 3 3/8” pickets. I never thought these guys would be able to squeeze through, but Melvin is young and determined. I appreciate your ingenuity....it is giving my guys the freedom to run that they deserve. 

Thank you again!


Denise Kowitz

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