Jennifer in Cleveland Texas

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Dear Dog-Gamutt,

We have a small terrier mix rescue dog that is an escape artist. We have a metal fence with not much space between the risers, however our little "Moco" managed to slip right through the openings of the fence. We purchased other collars and even netting that we attached to the fence but he always found a way out. I was told about your product at my Vets office and immediately ordered the safe behind bars dog harness. WOW, this did the job. I am amazed at how easy this is to use. I dont need to do anything else but put the harness on Moco, and out he goes in the fenced yard to play. For all of you with small dogs that can squeeze through the fence...LOOK NO MORE, this safety harness does the job and keeps these little mutts at home where they belong.

Cleveland, Texas

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