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Knowing there must be many others experiencing the same problem, I wanted to tell my story.

Our beloved 8-year-old miniature pinscher is like one of the family. Whether it’s an early morning walk or a trip to the nearby market, Sparky goes with us everywhere and has since he was a pup. So when my husband retired a year ago and we decided to travel more, it wasn’t long before the two of us were at our wit’s end about what to do.

Over half of Carl’s and my “couple” friends who have invited us to stay with them have fenced-in yards. They’re all some variation of thin bars spaced apart, not a solid privacy fence like we have at home. Not to mention, nearly every hotel/condominium along the Florida gulf that we looked at to rent in winter had that similar type of see-through balcony. Needless to say, fences like these are no match for a smart, energetic dog under 10 pounds and a foot tall. Sparky could easily slip between the bars and wander away or be hurt in a fall.

After talking to countless friends and shopping every local pet store only to come up empty handed, we turned to the Internet for help. And there you were!

Since the day your harness arrived, Carl and I have breathed a huge sigh of relief. It fits easily in the glove box, so there’s no leaving home without it. We can’t express how incredibly comforting it is to know that our four-legged companion not only is happy going with us everywhere, but thanks to you, is now SAFE BEHIND BARS!

Toledo, Ohio

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