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My name is Lisa and I have three dogs that are all large enough that they don't slip through my wrought iron fence. However, I am deeply involved in our local rescue movement and it seems we always have a rescue doggie at our house. Recently, I took in a little tiny Chihuahua named Chiquita. Chiquita is only 4-5 pounds and she is an escape artist. I came across your product quite by accident, it popped up on my Pinterest page about a week ago. I had been having issues with little miss Chiquita escaping our backyard and I was quite concerned that she would get hit by a car! So, I ordered your product!

Fast forward to today. I had just let the dogs out to the backyard and had my back turned for only 2-3 minutes and Chiquita was gone! I found her in my front yard heading out to the street. I picked her up and then thought, "I need to get the mail" and your AWESOME product was in the box! I quickly slipped the harness on Chiquita and went right back outside for a test! The pictures are worth a thousand words!!! No more escaping! Love it! Love it! Love it!!!!

Thanks so much for your creative genius!!! Worth every penny!

Lisa McClanahan
The Hills, Texas

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