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I saw your segment on the balancing Act TV show and purchased your safety harness. My husband and I travel every year to the mountains but this year’s trip was going to include our new family pet. We adopted a small dog that weighs 19 pounds, she is long and thin. As I watched the video I realized that the property we have rented year after year has a beautiful deck overlooking the pond and sits up at least 20 feet off the ground. The fence around the deck is wood with open spaces that I was sure our dog could squeeze through. The safe behind bars harness was a perfect fit and stopped her as she put her head through the open slats. You said on the show that this was easy to use and important to take when you travel with small pets. I just wanted to tell you that the harness was everything you said and I will always take this when we travel with our dog.

Thank you

Joanne - Detroit Michigan

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