Safe Behind Bars Adjustable Harness - Black


Affords pet owners peace of mind, as it keeps puppies, kittens, and small adult dogs and cats safely contained within their fenced yard or behind your balcony railing.

Simple to use for all ages - adjust easily to provide a comfortable and secure fit.

Patented ergonomic design enables full range of motion and comfortable, all-day wear in any climate.

Constructed of lightweight, nonirritating material that is durable and easy to care for.  Straps ar 100% nylon.

Compact and weighing less than three ounces, it fits easily into a purse, suitcase or automobile glove box for pets on the go. 

Compatible with most standard dog/cat doors. 

Size Information:

Note: Make sure to measure your pet's neck, this is the most important measurement.

See measuring instructions below. The ROD cannot be removed.

 Size Strap Width Rod Length Neck Chest
Petite 3/8 inches 10.75 inches Fits 8-9 inch neck Fits 10-15 inch chest
XS 3/8 inches 10.75 inches Fits 10-12 inch neck Fits 12-18 inch chest
Small 3/8 inches 10.75 inches Fits 11-13 inch neck

Fits 15-22 inch chest

Medium 5/8 inches 11.75 inches Fits 12-15 inch neck

Fits 17-26 inch chest

Large 5/8 inches 12.75 inches Fits 14-17 inch neck

Fits 19-28 inch chest

XL 3/4 inches 13.75 inches Fits 17-23 inch neck

Fits 20-32 inch chest

How to Measure Your Pet:

With the animal standing, use a cloth measuring tape to calculate the distance from the center of the back down to the underside of the belly (just behind the front legs) and up the opposite side to the center of the back.  Keep the tape flat and comfortably snug—but not tight—for accurate measurement.  

Measure your pet's neck where their collar would naturally rest.  Measure all the way around the neck.  This is the most important measurement.

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